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Conservatory  Transformation from Roof to Finish

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 Transform your conservatory.

As leading conservatory transformation experts in Liverpool, we can help you create a great space for entertaining guests, play with the kids, or work from home.


It’s All Benefits

Cooler in the Summer

If you find your conservatory too hot in he summer, we can help you enjoy it even when the sun is beaming down the roof.

Warmer in Winter

If your conservatory is too cold in the winter, we can insulate it and make it into an all-year living space.

High Energy Efficiency

Save on your heating and air conditioning bills with our conservatory transformation service.

No Sun Bleaching

You don’t have to worry about the colour of your soft furniture and the deteriation of your expensive cabinets. We can transform your conservatory.

Quieter Living Space

Does the  rain coming down distrurb you when trying to curl up wiht a book or movie in your conservatory? We can help eliminate the noise of wind and rain.

Reduced Heating Bills

Energy bills are rising. Why not save money by insulating your conservatory and turning it into a warm and welcoming living space? 

Why Choose Conservatory Transformation

There’s just so many reasons why conservatory transformation can help you add a beautiful living space to your home.

Create a beautiful and functional working space to work or relax in.

  • So much warmer in the Winter & cooler in the Summer.
  • Save money on your heating bills with our eco-friendly solution.
  • Efficient insulation solution, retains up to 97% of radiant heat.
  • Create an all new beautiful and bespoke living space.

Let us Explain

How Our Conservatory Transformation Works

We are conservatory insulation specialists in Liverpool. Our Insulation System is fitted beneath your existing Conservatory Roof, therefore, there’s no need to tile the concervatory roof with cheap plastic tiles that aren’t likely to match your house roof tiles.


Conservatory Interior Transformation

Our system blocks up over 90% of the radiant heat, instantly reducing the internal temperature to a level you can enjoy. In addition to this, it also keeps your conservatory snug and warmer in the Winter.  

Noise will no longer be an issue either, we use 100mm of acoustic insulation meaning your room will not only be quiet in the heaviest rain storms it will provide excellent acoustics for TV & Music.  

If you want to really change the use of your conservatory, we can build out a featured ceiling and carry these into the rest of your home. Adding features like Media walls, In-built Fires and Lighting will truly transform your conservatory to another usable room in your home.

The Flexible Conservatory Solution

Most conservatory roof conversion companies will only change the roof of your conservatory, but don’t create a livable and enjoyable space. We do! 

What would you like to create?

✔ New office

✔ Play room

✔ Media room

✔ Dining room

Not just a conservatory insulation company

Why Choose Us

A truly cost-effective solution to insulating your conservatory, without the hassle, at the fraction of the cost of a new tiled roof. We also offer complete conservatory transformation.

The unique material developed to manage the temperature in your conservatory.
Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Quieter Living Space
Multi-Layered foil blanket design to maximise insulation and protect against extreme temperature.
We have dedicated fitting teams working throughout the UK.
Save money on heating costs and enjoy the use of your conservatory all year round.
Do you need to change the existing roof ?
No. Most conservatory roofs are made of polycarbonate sheets that are translucent.  They will look exactly the same from the outside after the transformation is complete.
What if I have a clear or glass roof?
We use window film to make your clear roof translucent – your conservatory looks just as good on the outside as it always did.
Can I keep the ceiling vaulted inside?
We can design the interior finish to suit – if you want it more like a standard room or vaulted.
What is the ceiling made from?
The finished ceiling will be traditional plasterboard using the dry lining method of taping and jointing.  Pelmets or other featured aspects will be timber to provide extra strength.
How much insulation is used?
We use 100mm of acoustic insulation. This not only stops over 90% of the radiant heat, it adds amazing acoustic insulation, making your conservatory quiet in rainstorms.
Can you install lighting and music?
We can install speaker systems and lighting.  The acoustic insulation we use means your finished room will have amazing acoustics.
Can you build walls and make media walls?
We can use the same process on the walls  that we use on the ceiling and design and build  Media walls with lighting and fires.
How long does it take?
An average size  conservatory – 5mx4m will take around 4 to 5 days to complete.

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Installation available Nationwide

How We Work

Highest Standard Conservatory Transformation

We’re experts at installing conservatory insulation and will transform your conservatory into a room you can truly enjoy all year round. We offer a premium yet cost-effective, eco-friendly solution that will save you the cost and inconvenience of having a new roof installed. We have 5-star Google customer reviews across the board. All of our materials and workmanship carry a 10-year warranty. 

Committed to achieving the highest standards, we are proud of our work and believe in going the extra mile for each project. Alongside the careful installation of insulation and the addition of feature walls and elements, we offer a variety of bespoke finishes to make sure that you are totally satisfied with our completed work. Based in Liverpool, we insulate conservatory roofing all over the UK and are happy to travel to get the job done.

We have 5-star Google customer reviews across the board.

10 Year warranty covering all materials and workmanship.

All our work sets the highest of standards, and we’re so proud of it.

We operate nationwide, so we can get to you anywhere across the nation.

We offer a variety of bespoke finishes, to ensure you’re happy with the result.

Not just a conservatory insulation company

Benefits of our Conservatory Insulation

Conservatory insulation helps you get the most out of your conservatory by making it more comfortable and functional no matter what is going on outside. Fully insulated conservatory roofs are energy-efficient, quiet, and cost-effective. Conservatory insulation can not only save you money on your energy bill, but can also help you avoid the high cost of a conservatory roof replacement. 

We install insulation under translucent polycarbonate conservatory roofs (the most common kind) and glass/clear roofs alike. For clear roofs, we install window film that makes the surface appear translucent from the outside; this ensures that your roof still looks stunning and polished on the exterior after installation. By installing the insulation under the existing roof, you don’t have to cover up the conservatory or worry about finding tiles to match the roofing around the rest of the house. Along with installing insulation, our team can help transform your conservatory with built-in sound and lighting systems or feature walls/ceilings. 

More living (space)

Enjoy Your Conservatory All Year-Round

Conservatory transformation and insulation fits right under your existing roof and works by trapping radiant heat. Our system blocks over 90% of radiant heat, making it incredibly effective. By doing this, insulation helps make your heating/cooling systems more effective, so your conservatory will be comfortable during any season. In the summer, your conservatory will be cooler. In the winter, your conservatory will stay warmer. 

By insulating your conservatory roof, you will make your conservatory more energy efficient, allowing you to save money and minimize your  impact on the environment. The insulation can also help prevent sun bleaching on your furniture. Our insulation system uses 100 mm of acoustic insulation, so your conservatory will be quiet during rainstorms and will have fantastic acoustics for playing music and watching movies.  

Conservatories are often some of the most eye-catching rooms and exterior features in a home or building. By insulating yours, you can make the space more functional without sacrificing a design you love or taking on the cost of a conservatory roof replacement. We would love to talk with you more about how insulation could help improve your space – contact us to get a preliminary quote and set of recommendations.

Want more?

Additional Features 

Along with insulating your conservatory, you can also opt to add extra features to enhance your space. Our team can install speaker systems and built-in lighting, or even add walls. Walls can be designed as media walls with features like lighting and fires. We also work on feature ceilings and can continue them into other areas of your home.

The addition of feature elements can be transformative for a space; your conservatory could easily become your most used room with a few new touches. Our team is happy to consult with you about the best use of feature elements for your conservatory. Check out our case studies to see examples of conservatories we have transformed with insulation and additional features:

  • Feature windows
  • Lighting 
  • Quality finish
  • Feature walls
  • Media walls


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